The Results will be posted here as soon as possible after each competition day.

Tue 15.3.2016 BT WC (Pen. Loop) 6km/7,5km

Men sit

Men stand

Women sit

Women stand

Women VI

Men VI

Wed 16.3.2016 BT WC (1 min Penalty) 12,5km/15km

R M Sitt 16.pdf
R M Stand 16.pdf
R M VI 16.pdf
R W Sitt 16.pdf
R W Stand 16.pdf
R W VI 16.pdf

Thu 17.3. 2016 CC WC 0,8km/1,3km Classic

R M sitt

R W sitt

R M stand

R W stand



Sat 19.3.2016 CC WC Ski Marathon 20km/30km Classic

OR M Sitt 19.pdf
OR M Stand 19.pdf
OR M VI 19.pdf
OR W Sitt 19.pdf
OR W Stand 19.pdf
OR W VI 19.pdf

Sun 20.3.2016 CC WC Freestyle

OR M VI 20.pdf
OR W Sitt 20.pdf
OR W Stand 20.pdf
OR W VI 20.pdf

OR M Sitt 20.pdf

OR M Stand 20.pdf

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